Sports activities

Our bodies are made to move, but our modern lifestyles prevent us from engaging in enough physical activity. We discover why that is, and how to get moving here!


Muscle activation and warm up exercises

Activate your muscles and joints to prepare them for the day.

Simple steps for an active lifestyle

Look for opportunities to be more active throughout the day.
Relieve and prevent back pain by changing your daily routine.
Improve your work productivity.
Learn new ways to reduce how much time you spend sitting down.
Perform exercises to strengthen and stretch your muscles and relax.
Improve your flexibility by doing some simple exercises without any equipment.
Greatly improve your strength.
Reduce the risk of back pain by doing these exercises regularly.
Improve your flexibility, balance and strength.
Relieve and strengthen your back by preventing future pain.

Physical disorders prevention

Musculoskeletal disorders - am I at risk ?
Prevent eye fatigue