Stress Management

Personal development, breathing and meditation can help you reduce the effects of stress on your life. Discover these tips to help you improve your serenity!


Personal development

Boost self confidence

Boost your self confidence through short, simple and practical exercises.
Focus on the positive aspects of your day and stop dwelling on the negative ones.
Project yourself towards a successful goal and imagine the construction of that success.
Project yourself in a positive way onto future events.
Reach the right level of energy for the projects you are planning to carry out.
Give a boost of energy with breathing and physical exercises.

Boosting performance level

Simple techniques to be in the best psychological conditions to succeed.
Optimise your energy level for a particular goal.
Rehearse all the sequences of gestures that will condition the construction of your successful project.
Bypass or control this mechanism of negative thoughts that stand between us and success.
Visualise your stress, represent it in order to act on it through visualisation.
Mentally project your motivation which will facilitate your commitment to the success of your goal.

Breathing techniques

Breathing at work

Helps concentrarion, manage stress and sleep better.
Relax, refocus, and has a positive effect on concentration and vitality.
Cut yourself off from the environment, channel your thoughts and control your stress.
Get energised before tackling a demanding task or to "unplug" after the working day.
Promote concentration through better oxygenation of the brain, or recovery after a physical or mental effort.
Facilitates concentration and also helps to calm down after a stressful moment.

Meditation practices

Stress Managment

Cut yourself off from the environment, channel your thoughts and control your stress.
Induce concentration and a rebalancing of your energetic and nervous systems.
Get into your bubble with breathing and mental imagery exercises.
Quickly manage your stress, including in a professional context, through simple 5-minute exercises.
Channel our muscular contractions to let them dissipate and promote relaxation.
Cut yourself off from those repetitive thoughts that generate stress and may also disturb your sleep.